Guarantor is Horse Transport Estonia (hereinafter HTE), a legal entity in private law.

Warrantee is the person specified in the guarantee contract or the person who has agreed on the guarantee in another form that can be reproduced.

A warranty event is an event that has occurred during the warranty period as defined in these warranty conditions, as a result of which the warrantee acquires the right to receive the warranty indemnity and the guarantor becomes obliged to pay the warranty indemnity.

The warranty period is the agreed period during which the warranty is valid in reproducible form.

A guarantee agreement is a written agreement between the guarantor and the warrantee according to which the guarantor undertakes to pay the guarantee fee specified in the contract and perform other obligations under the contract and undertakes to pay the guarantee indemnity or part thereof and fulfil other obligations under the terms of the guarantee agreement.

The guarantee indemnity is a sum of money clearly agreed between the parties and set out in these terms and conditions, which is the maximum disbursement amount by HTE in the event of a warranty event.


The warranty period covers the trip of the guaranteed horse in the vehicle of HTE or HTE partner. The starting point of the trip is considered to be the closing of the door of the means of transport (truck, trailer) after loading the horse(s).

The journey is considered completed when the horse with the guarantee has been unloaded from the means of transport at the agreed destination.


Covers medical expenses during the trip for sudden sickness or traumas that happened during the trip.

The expenses covered by this warranty include:

  • transport to the nearest veterinary clinic;
  • the box fee in the clinic or stables during the sickness/treatment;
  • veterinary fees for treatment and examination;
  • transport to the previously agreed point of arrival after the horse is fit for transport;

Up to the maximum amount of compensation, which is 5000€.

The price of this service is 50€ when the transport is in Finland or the Baltics, or 100€ for other European countries.



Reimbursable costs include:

  • The value of the horse, if the horse is killed during the transport or by the fault of the transporters, including vehicle accident;
  • The death of the horse by a health disorder caused by the transport.

The period of compensation is the period of transport and up to a week after it, if the illness or trauma occurred during the period of warrantied transport and is caused by the transport.

The value of the horse is declared by the owner clearly and in reproducible form before the start of warranty period and the price of this option is 2% of the value declared by the owner.

  • The guarantor has no obligation to compensate for damage if the illness was caused by the aggravation or duration of the consequence of the illness or injury that began before the conclusion of the guarantee contract, unless otherwise agreed in a reproducible form. FOR EXAMPLE: the transport of a horse with a certain chronic disease if the customer of the transport informs HTE of the condition before the transport and HTE still agrees to transport the horse under these conditions. In this case, the guarantee amount is negotiable!
  • The guarantor has no obligation to indemnify if the warrantee has concealed or falsified information about the horse’s health or other relevant circumstances.
  • The warranty does not cover equine colic, gastric ulcers or illness of digestive tract

If the above circumstances become apparent after the indemnity has been paid by the guarantor, the warrantee is obliged to repay the indemnity in full.


In the event of a warranty event, the warrantee is obliged to provide the guarantor with correct and complete information on the circumstances of the event, the amount of the loss and possible liable persons.

Based on the claim and the documents attached thereto, it must be possible to establish in a verifiable manner the circumstances of the occurrence of the warranty event and the amount of expenses.

The warrantee undertakes to submit documents, written explanations, answer oral and written questions of the guarantor. If the warrantee has submitted copies, the guarantor has the right to request the original documents.

At the request of the warrantee, the guarantor undertakes to provide evidence of the time of the trip at the start, end, transit points and the route of the trip.

The guarantor has the right to receive information related to the warranty event from third parties.

NB! By paying the warranty amount, warranty option 1 and/or 2, the warrantee confirms that he has read the above conditions and provides the guarantor only with true and complete information about the horse with the guarantee and other relevant circumstances.