Frequently asked questions

Question: Can I use travel boots during transportation?

Answer: In general, we recommend not using travel boots for long-distance transport, as horses’ legs will start to sweat and horses become restless.

Question: What rug to use on a horse for transportation?

Answer: Depending on the weather, we recommend not putting a rug on or use a thin stable rug.

Question: Does the driver load the horse?

Answer: No, the horse is loaded by the horse owner according to the driver’s instructions

Question: Can horses rest during long journeys?

Answer: Yes, there is a minimum 8 hours stop during journeys that are longer than 24 hours.

Question: How long is the horse on the truck in the case of split transport?

Answer: During split transportation the horse is on the truck for up to 24 hours.

Question: What papers do I need to have to transport a horse from / to a foreign country?

Answer: Horse passport and veterinary inspection report

Question: How often are drink/food breaks done?

Answer: The hay nets are filled continuously and there are drink breaks every 4 hours.