Need transportation, but can’t find suitable directions from our page?

We can offer private transportation, where your horse is picked up last (or is the only horse who will be picked up) and dropped off first to make sure the horse gets to the destination with the most optimal time. The whole transportation will be done in a way that meets all your needs.

The prices go as follows:

Up to 2 horses: 0,6€/km

Up to 4 horses: 0,8€/km

Up to 7 horses: 1,2€/km

Up to 9 horses: 1,4€/km

Up to 11 horses: 1,6€/km

The starting and ending point for the transportation is Perila Stables, Estonia

Minimum price for 1-4 (small truck) horses is 100€ and for over 4 horses (big truck) 200€.

Contact us on our Facebook  page Horse Transport Estonia, or call us +37258473009 (Aarne), +37253359506 (Katriin)

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