Horsetransport Estonia OÜ transport conditions and requirements


  1. The transportation of horses is performed by Horsetransport Estonia OÜ (hereinafter HTE)
  2. All animals transported must have a horse passport. For international transport, a certificate issued by the Regional Veterinary Office certifying that the animal is fully prepared and able to be transported. Passport and Vet papers are checked by the driver before loading.
  3. According to the Animal Welfare Regulations 1997 (WATO), THE has the right to refuse to transport a horse if it is shown that the condition of the horse does not allow it and to charge a fare in accordance with the price list.
  4. The horse owner or representative is responsible for preparing and loading the horse for the journey
  5. It takes 15 minutes to load the horse. In the case of a heavy loading horse, there is an additional charge for each subsequent 15min 15.- €
  6. If loading of the horse fails, the horse owner is responsible for paying the full agreed cost of transporting the horse.
  7. HTE transports the horse in the condition it is in at the time of loading. HTE is not obliged to install boots or rugs on the horse on their behalf. If the transport lasts more than 8 hours or if there is a stop on the road where the horses rest in the stable, the driver, trained by HTE, will put on/take off rugs and install boots.
  8. Equipment supplied with the horse must be clearly legible or must bear the inscriptions. HTE shall not be liable for equipment lost during transport unless it has a proper name.
  9. The owner of the horse is solely responsible for the transportation of the horse unless a guarantee package has been concluded with HTE. HTE advises the horse owner to always check the place of transportation of the horse where the horse is to be transported to ensure its safety.
  10. The owner of the horse is responsible for the damage caused by the horse to HTE. point 9 to check where the horse is loaded.
  11. In accordance with HTE’s routine work processes, the driver always checks the condition and safety of the horse’s transport section, including any defects and sharp edges that may damage the horse, before loading the horse.
  12. HTE cannot be held responsible for traffic delays. HTE is not responsible for entry fees or other expenses incurred in the event of a delay due to traffic.
  13. The driver always has the right to refuse to transport the horse if the horse becomes restless or shows signs of illness. Unless the horse is transported to a clinic or emergency vet to a vet clinic. In this case, the customer will still have to pay the agreed price, unless a guarantee package has been signed with HTE
  14. HTE reserves the right to refuse transportation of a horse if it is hazardous to the horse as a horse vehicle. if the horse has to be unloaded on an exceptional basis, in the alternative stables the owner of the horse is obliged to pay all costs, including transport costs, to the destination before the horse is handed over. After the invoice has been paid, the horse’s next transport is entirely the responsibility of the horse owner.
  15. All confirmed transport must be paid in full before or on the day of transport. When making a payment by transfer on the day of loading, a confirmation of payment must be sent to In the event of non-payment or failure to confirm, the driver shall be entitled to refuse loading and the owner shall be obliged to pay the agreed cost of the journey. 16. Cancellation is possible up to 48h before the start of the trip. up to 24 hours before the start of the trip 50% of the cost of the trip will apply. If the trip is canceled less than 24 hours before the start of the trip, 100% of the cost of the trip will apply.
  16. HTE is not responsible for providing false information, including Address, we ask clients to double check addresses to make sure Google Maps is pointing to the correct location. (HTE drivers use Google MAPS Navigation) if the Driver does not find the Top by address or the address is misdirected, a surcharge applies.
  17. By accepting the offer and booking of HORSE TRANSPORT Estonia OÜ, the customer agrees to the above terms and conditions.