Horse Transport Estonia was founded in 2003 by show jumping rider Paul-Richard Argus. The reason for starting the company was the need to transport his own sport horses to competitions and sale horses to their new homes.

In the early days of the company, horses were transported in a single two horse truck with the possibility to add a trailer. By now, Horse Transport Estonia has grown, and our fleet is consists of two two-horse trucks and one 7-horse truck. In addition, 4 different horse trailers are actively used.

We organise weekly trips between Finland and the Baltics and on average twice a month to Europe. With one trip to Europe, Horse Transport Estonia has the ability to transport up to 11 horses at a time.

In addition to the animal transport service, we offer the opportunity to rent two-horse trucks and horse trailers from us. If you are interested in purchasing a trailer, feel free to write to us and we will find a suitable solution.